Silent Meditation

A Pure And Simple Doorway To Spiritual Truths

If you’ve been wondering what meditation is all about, I herewith provide you with one powerful method of beginning a fascinating inner journey.There are many teachers whose forms of meditation seem complicated and exacting. Simple is better…at least in the beginning. I’ve been meditating for several years, and I almost always use the following very simple technique.

Bear in mind that the terms spiritual and religious are not one and the same. A willingness to experience and explore other states of consciousness is sufficient.

By going within, we are demonstrating a willingness to experience the unseen. Set a high ideal, and what you experience during meditation will be designed perfectly for wherever you are in your development, and will be given to you to the same degree that you desire to know and experience. As we begin to learn, it’s important to be flexible, because Knowledge is progressively given. Truth is revealed in layers relative to our ability to understand. Know that whatever you are given for Truth is your current truth, and while we share what we’ve learned, we respect the current Truths of others ~ the idea is to share.

I suggest that you print out and read this through a couple times before beginning. You might highlight key words to help you remember the sequence. After you’ve done this technique a couple times, you’ll see it’s very simple.

With this and any other meditation technique, feel free to modify where it suits you to do so. There are as many ways to meditate as there are people who meditate! Go with what feels right for you, and know that you are loved and guided and protected as you search within.

I wish you Truth, Light, Joy and Peace in your Journey.

The Settings
Begin by setting aside at least a half hour for this exercise, a time you can be alone, quiet and uninterrupted by the doorbell, the telephone, other family members, etc. Insulate yourself: This is YOUR time to be with yourself and explore. Music may be played at low volume, just be sure it’s a smooth and free-flowing kind of music, such as the sound of ocean waves. Light a candle, if you wish, to help create a peaceful mood. Sit in a chair you can rest your head back against, place both feet on the floor, hands in your lap. Relax. After reading and becoming familiar with the following steps, close your eyes to promote an inward focus.

Exercises To Prepare For Meditation

(1) Head and neck exercises to relax

A. Let your head drop forward and return to upright position (3 times)

B. Let your head drop backwards and return to upright position (3 times)

C. Drop your head to right then to upright (3 times)

D. Drop your head to the left then upright (3 times)

E. Drop your head forward and rotate to the right (3 times)

F. Drop your head forward and rotate to the left (3 times)

2) Breathing Exercises

(Use your fingers on each side of your nose to breath as indicated.)

A. Think ‘strength’ while you breathe in through your nostril and out through your mouth (3 times)

B. Breath in through your left nostril and out through the right nostril (3 times)
Simultaneously, imagine your energy centers are clear and strong ~ invite Truth into them.

(3) Statement of Loving Indifference

If there are any with whom I am not at peace, I acknowledge their value, even as I have value. I choose to see and do that which will bring peace and harmony between us.

(4) Statement of Protection

As I open myself to the unseen forces of grace, beauty and might, I throw about myself the protection found in my desire for Truth and Light.

(5) Begin To Focus On The Inner Teacher
I have learned that reciting a powerful prayer at this point in preparing to meditate will quicken all of your energy centers and stimulate a balanced flow of positive energy throughout your whole energy system. Use whatever feels right for you.

(6) Set an ideal for your meditation.

Keep your ideal short and specific. Recite it until other thoughts are cleared from your mind. Recite and focus upon it until you begin to FEEL the word(s), not just say them. The more you get into the feeling of your desired objective, the “deeper” you’ll go. If you are an atheist, an example for ideals are:

“I seek higher consciousness”

or, simply focus on one word, such as


For those who feel or know there is an unseen power, examples are:

“I seek the I AM”

“Please give me Your Light, Love, Joy and Peace as I seek my Inner Teacher.”

7) When you’ve repeated your ideal to where your mind is clear, “go into the silence”

Try imagining your mind resting in the area of your heart, or imagine yourself sitting in the vast silence of the universe (floating in space), or you might focus your attention just above and between your eyes. You’ll find the technique that’s right for you as you explore meditation.

LISTEN and LOOK and FEEL in a relaxed manner. You will attain a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy, higher state of consciousness. For new meditators, you might set a timer for, say, 15 minutes. Select a timer that has a gentle sound, otherwise you might get a jolt! After awhile, omit the timer and just meditate until you feel you’re done.

Even the most seasoned meditators will find their minds roaming! When this happens, please be gentle with yourself. Our minds can resemble the two year old who wants our attention as soon as we get on the telephone. It simply needs to be reminded and trained.

Firmly but gently “Shhh” your mind, tell it you can think about that later, then repeat your Ideal until you’re clear again.

The more you can be in the silence the better, but please remember that a roaming mind is not a sign of an inability to meditate…it’s a sign that you’re human and learning like the rest of us.

(8) When you’re finished, keep your eyes closed and bring yourself into the present.

First and foremost, enjoy the peace and calm you’ve achieved.

Feel the chair beneath you, begin to hear the sounds from outside, notice your breath. Observe sensations in your body. These things help to “ground” you. Take as long as you want and need.

(9) Closing

Establish a closing routine for yourself. One idea is to

(a) pray for others;

(b) pray for yourself;

(c) give your gratitude to all the souls;

(d) give gratitude for your Higher Self and your guardian Angels to be with you;

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